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This review may contain spoilers.

Recommended by reibureibu, backed by Garry and Couleur.

It was obvious this girl had no friends. She asked an old schoolmate she doesn't know anymore to look after her cat. Didn't that strike him as odd? Grabbing his arm, liiiike...

Uncomfortable, weird sex scenes are never enjoyed and seldom necessary. This guy and his masturbation thing too...

I wanted to punch Yeun's character throughout 😂 From more or less the moment I laid eyes on him. Haha, but I can't say I liked anyone. I don't think anyone was likeable.

The most relatable for me was Haemi. Only in terms of her sense of loneliness and debt situation.

The main couldn't understand (or rather, wasn't sure whether to understand) so much. Greenhouses. Wells. C'mon, man, you're a writer. Especially with all this burning business. He kept repeating the same questions that we could already know. I would say it's because he struggled to accept it, but honestly he just seemed like a bit of a dense character.

I liked everyone's acting. I think they did exactly as would have been expected. I enjoyed the pace. I wasn't taken in by the visuals as much as others took note of it, but it had a nice vibe to it.

Someone informed me of the Great Gatsby story briefly. So I don't have much to say about the story in that case. Other than I felt this tale was very nicely adapted (despite having not read or seen Great Gatsby itself).

I enjoyed it! I can't say I was taken in by it, but it didn't dampen my journey. Definitely suited to what I was hoping to watch when I started it!

Reminded me of Hong Sang-soo's work too.