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This review may contain spoilers.

Gorge: Recommended by tohmais.

I love this story a lot!

It's something I often think about: Timing.

The many things I am grateful for the timing of. Even things I felt were bad or mismatched timings can eventually be revealed to be the best of timings.

In this, we see these two - Taki and Mitsuha - swapping lives. At first, they don't know what is happening and, even when they do, they rebel in their own ways. Gradually, they come to be more careful and considerate of each other's lives. Through this, we see them grow more and more attached to each other (as well as each other's lives, as they get to know all their friends and family).

Before I continue, I want to recognise Taki's friends. This scene made me laugh:









😂😂😂 Those guys.

Back to Mitsuha and Taki...

Sadly, we then suddenly become aware that they're from slightly different time periods and one is now deceased.

Having both built up an ability to communicate, understand and work together during their swaps, they embark on trying to prevent the disaster that took Mitsuha and many others' lives.

One issue is, they struggle to remember each other once they go back into their own bodies. They've previously work out ways to remind each other (writing on their bodies). However, when they are able to experience a more supernatural connection, they miss the opportunity to write down each other's names.

Nonetheless, they can feel their longing and love for each other. They are tied by the events at hand, even if they can no longer recollect those events. It was as if they could always sense their connection intuitively.

Mitsuha's hair tie from the start reminded me of the red thread of fate. It is the bond you have with another person for a lifetime, no matter where you are or how tangled it may be.. it can never be broken. So although I wasn't quite sure what would occur, I had some idea of how they would be strongly bonded.

Sometimes I don't much remember details of memories, but I remember their feelings and how profound that can still feel to me too. It can be frustrating to no longer remember a name, a face, the particular words, the place.. but nonetheless, I appreciate those memories all the same.

This film reflects on longing for something or someone (regardless of whether it's clear or not), the pain of separation, the importance of treasuring the moment and the profound effects of caring for others.

Really nice film!

4/5 - lower than I'd otherwise to, for the fact that anime can't help but get perverted. I find it unnecessarily and don't get it.

For me, it touched me on a personal note too. So this next part of the review will be about my relationship. For if I ever happen to look back, having forgotten what I thought of this film, and hopefully fondly stumble upon the following...


This film got me all sappy about my own relationship (as I was also reflecting on my wedding vows today, as I am practising them).

The two main characters are separated by time. Regarding my relationship, we are separated by location as we're long-distance due to living in different countries.

As a result, inspired by the red thread of fate, we've had thread bracelets symbolising our bond throughout most of our relationship now. We actually even wear our wedding rings, despite not having the ceremony yet 😅

In the beginning of our relationship.. Just as these two felt inconvenienced by their sudden presence in each other's lives, I felt bothered by his appearance at a time I felt it better to be alone (as I was struggling due to certain events happening in my life at the time).

I actually cursed his timing for entering my life.

In addition, when we learn that Taki is three years behind the experiences of Mitsuha, and Mitsuha is not alive in the current time he's in.. causing them to both miss meeting each other (at a time when Taki could recognise her), it could easily be seen as terrible timing.

We see them continually miss each other even when they have succeeded in changing Mitsuha's fate. However, it is their missing and longing for each other that eventually draws them closer together emotionally and physically.

Although not in the same way, I have felt troubled by timing.

After a period of missed opportunities and confusion, my fiancé's proposal ended up occuring in the middle of my having an emotional breakdown (although we had already decided to get married beforehand).

He didn't plan it that way. He just felt compelled to do so at the time. I thought to myself, "Why now. Such bad timing. How can I ever look back at this time without shame?".

But when I do look back on it, I feel so overwhelmed with joy and love. He saw the full force of my vulnerabilities and only wished to surround me with love in that moment.

I realised his timing is actually perfect.

Funnily enough, even as I typed that, he seemingly randomly sent me the message: "I love you". He truly does have great timing!

Dreams factor into this film too, as they learn things through their dreams and feel they are experiencing each other's lives in the same way we experience dreams.

The first time we spoke, we spoke for four+ hours on the phone and I would've continued if I didn't have to sleep. In fact, that night, I dreamt that I was continuing our conversation. I didn't think of it romantically at the time, but now I feel our fate was sealed from that very moment.

The reason we were speaking was due to him listening to me vent! I mourn the loss of my life regularly, although I do it very privately for the most part.

He has helped make this all a little easier. I feel my other relationships with people improving as well as my sense of self-acceptance. He empowers me and we mutually let each other know of our positive influence on each other's lives regularly.

I feel able to look forward to finding peace in my life, knowing he'll be by my side as I go through highs and lows.

In that sense, he helped save my life from possible doom as Taki helped to save Mitsuha's life itself (although her own efforts were key to seeing it through).

But as with dreams, our memories can fade.

I sometimes fear that.. somewhere down the line, we'll forget. I'll forget things completely and other things I'll forget partially. I'll get swamped in life and it'll naturally fade.

However, I hope I will never forget these feelings I have. I hope this feeling of appreciation remains. Even if I forget exactly how it felt, even if it's evolved in how it feels. I hope I'll remember how much he means to me, whatever the future.

I feel truly blessed to have entered such a fruitful, loving, caring, supportive and accepting relationship. He's everything I ever wanted, and I also realised he's what I needed too. I never want to downplay his role in my life. I never want to take that for granted.

After a short while of being with me, he said he - for the first time - felt I was 'the one'. Me, the ever skeptical type, was not so sure.

Looking back, I think he was just more perceptive than I and way more embracing than I was. I was overly concerned with protecting myself during a very vulnerable time for me. I was cautious about being fooled, and I honestly don't regret that. I am proud to look out for and take care of myself. However, it meant that he could recognise what we had, whereas it took me a while to realise he's truly the person I wasn't sure I'd ever have the pleasure of meeting and sharing such a special connection with.

Either way, I want to treasure it while I do remember and live through it ❤️