Eternals ★★★★

i have so much to say about this so let me start here it was a good movie chloé did a great job directing, i loved the representation omg the whole cast was very diverse and we had our first deaf character in the mcu, we also had our first gay character in the mcu and that’s literally such a win in itself also harry styles joining marvel im so excited and so happy for him. now getting into the movie itself the plot twist was so good definitely unexpected i loved druig and i liked all the characters individually they were all going through there own thing and had great character depth. i personally really liked thena she reminded me a lot of natasha. i honestly don’t know how i really feel about this movie just because it’s so different from any other marvel movie i felt like it was really hard to connect to the characters since there was not that much chemistry between them. but the one thing they did have was the classic marvel humor even that just didn’t hit as hard the jokes were mediocre at best. also very disappointed a few of them died before we got to even know them and there story. other then that i’m very interested to see where marvel is gonna take these new heroes we’re playing a whole new ballgame

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