Midsommar ★★★★½

Midsommar is an excellent continuation of the incredible work Ari Aster did with Hereditary. Aster’s ability to craft fascinating a setting and story behind the horror. That Aster chooses to film the whole movie in the day was bold and it pays off. Something about the Erie day setting and joyful behavior by the people in these festivities was exactly the type of atmosphere to get under my skin. Florence Pugh gave an incredibly riveting performance here. There is something silly about the path her character goes through over the course of the film.

The journey each of the characters go through is much more ambiguous than even hereditary which also left things pretty ambiguous. That’s not something everyone will enjoy and I get it. If the ambiguous tone is it for you, then that’s understandable. I however, found it to add a light to the overall atmosphere and horror that this movie gives. 

The folktale mythology that Ari aster is bringing in with this movie, I found to work exceedingly well. There’s clearly so much thought going into a movie like this. It ended up being a fascinating puzzle to explore.

Midsommar is not likely a film for everyone but I have loved what Ari Aster has done so far, and it’s why Disappointment Boulevard is one of my most anticipated movies for 2022. His style works to great effect. His movies are unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. Florence Pugh is a revelation here as well. I loved this film, I don’t think everyone will but I’m giving it a strong recommend. This was an incredible experience. 

Strong Recommend

🔙 Hereditary 
🔜 Encanto ♻️

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