Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal ★★★★★

" Why did you try to fix the roof ? You don't have to fix it, you have to learn how to live peacefully with  this broken roof"

Let it go, learn how to let it go.

He lived on music at full blast. Only silence remains ... A virtuoso film, which transforms the deafness of a drummer into a sensory odyssey.
A heavy metal musician becomes deaf ... Behind this rather enormous argument, a real delicacy is to be discovered. When the sound becomes scrambled, muffled and then imperceptible in the ears of drummer Ruben (Riz Ahmed), the life he led on the roads comes to a halt. With his guitar partner, Lou (Olivia Cooke), they went from gig to gig, inseparable. He must leave her to enter a deaf-mute community where he will be isolated. From music he goes silent, from life on the move to house arrest, and from fused love to loneliness. In the midst of these upheavals in life, how to find harmony? This is the beautiful subject of the film, which is not intended especially for hard rock fans - it is more chords than the instruments. A genius hacker on his consoles, Ruben is just waiting until he has enough money to buy a device that will be implanted in him and which will allow him to hear again. But, between him and the world, some adjustments remain to be made, not at all mechanical ...
Sound of Metal is an inner journey, guided by a form of spirituality embodied, in the most religious sense, by the head of the center where Ruben must "learn to be deaf" in order to be able to listen differently. If benchmarks are lacking to mark out the story, which spans several years, the stake is precisely to lose those we have in order to find others. This is a very enriching sensory and existential experience, nourished as much by the actors as by the sound engineer (Nicolas Becker, Oscar winner) and the staging. Each shot is superb, fair, sensitive. The hoped-for harmony begins with the cinema

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