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  • Horizons


    Reaching for the light. Gottheim captures the longing for what is never quite within our grasp. As if we could touch the sun or the clouds if we could just reach far enough and clench our fists, we could hold eternity. But the boundless expanses he captures reveals that it is never ours. The infinite exists outside of our own gaze. We could travel an entire lifetime and never capture the sun, we could never truly see everything. Whatever lies just beyond the horizon(s) will exist and outlive all of us.

  • The Age of Success

    The Age of Success

    Would make for an interesting double-bill with Yoshida's Blood Is Dry. The machinations of capital investments and advertising over a society appear to be less of a focus (though it is still a large part of this film) for Jang than his general interest in rampant masculinity. Here, the way capital acts as the driving mechanism for it's central character, the need to be on top and become the best. While the line where he states that Hitler was his…

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  • Us


    For as much shit as people give Haneke nowadays for his antagonistic (ie. trollish) approach to narrative structures, at least his visions aren't tonally incoherent and as formally milquetoast as this. This was one of the most agonizingly frustrating experiences I've had watching a film in a while. A film with clearly so much on its mind (and in no way stupid) but whose filmmaker is just not up to the level he thinks he is to be able to…

  • Sweet Love Remembered

    Sweet Love Remembered

    It's a male fantasy for sure but in a way that's all it needs to be (for me I suppose). Images of bodies used as surfaces, for light and shadow to be captured on. Sensuality reduced to an imagined pleasure. We know what we're watching is a construction, a man's construction, but that doesn't mean it can't be real in some form. These images happened, though most likely in a much different context (one which I highly doubt was sensual…