Not Even Nothing Can Be Free of Ghosts

I was reminded of the flickering television in Poltergeist that acts as a portal to the ghost realm (or whatever you wish to call it) while watching this. The flickering remains an entrancing sight even if the so-called image isn't clear. An illusion of movement, of substance appears within its grain structure. Patterns are formed and evolve throughout its runtime. Like the other Kohlberger pieces I've seen, it's a piece of continual reinvention. Not content to dwell within the nothingness of its title, the form never sits still. To watch the spectrum flashing, to be drawn into it, is perhaps to be drawn into the alternate dimension. An alternative future that we know could have been but is not actual, thus the thought remains present for us. A ghost that haunts us, but perhaps isn't actually there. When I stare directly into the flicker, do I see this ghost, or is it just a manifestation?