Sweet Love Remembered

It's a male fantasy for sure but in a way that's all it needs to be (for me I suppose). Images of bodies used as surfaces, for light and shadow to be captured on. Sensuality reduced to an imagined pleasure. We know what we're watching is a construction, a man's construction, but that doesn't mean it can't be real in some form. These images happened, though most likely in a much different context (one which I highly doubt was sensual or sexy in any way). It's our own imagination, and our desires, that are projected onto these women. For what are they really beyond these sexual projections? They speak no words, they cast no gaze in opposition to our own. But we are aware that the two women are real. And thus the forms taken here are only imbued with desire from our own consciousness.

Taken out of such context, what is left? A series of edits that tumble and crash into and against each other. Bodies flowing like waves rolling onto the shore. Abrasive into calming into lustful into passive. Consider the role of the camera and the participants involved. It captures them in a series of individual poses. It's all us. Sweet love is not a present occurrence, it can only be remembered. And this is all a memory, sexual or not, if we wish it to be.