The Age of Success

Would make for an interesting double-bill with Yoshida's Blood Is Dry. The machinations of capital investments and advertising over a society appear to be less of a focus (though it is still a large part of this film) for Jang than his general interest in rampant masculinity. Here, the way capital acts as the driving mechanism for it's central character, the need to be on top and become the best. While the line where he states that Hitler was his favorite historical figure is probably the stand out in most people's minds, the fact that he throws a sieg heil to the mighty dollar (won) multiple times throughout the film is more telling.

The desire to accumulate and throw away all that is deemed unnecessary is the motive that a teenager might think up in order to be edgy, but putting it into practice reveals itself to be the driving force within a society run on accumulation and wealth. How can we monetize the most basic needs of a human? Specifically, how can we find what fuels men - thus the sex we are initially presented early on. But when unpredictable events (for the characters) occur, how does the market react? When you worship at the beckon call of the might dollar expect to be made into it's whore until the next young one comes along.