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  • River's Edge

    River's Edge


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    River’s Edge (1986) 

    The film sinks us into the lives and minds of a group of teenagers in a small Northern Californian town. As a result, we descend into a morally ambiguous realm filled with prosthetic legs, gun wielding 10 year olds and truly radical dialogue. The adolescents in this film are not only detached from reality but they each construct their own reality in their heads that they slip into deeper and deeper when faced with the death of…

  • Good Time

    Good Time


    The Safdie Brothers seem to have a direct line into the human nerve system and love to watch us squirm. Good Time is a film full of tension that never lets up and only presses down harder and faster. Like the brothers’ first film, “Heaven Knows What”, this film is led by a strong lead character scraping and scratching moment to moment just to maintain what they deem a worthwhile existence. There is a lot to digest with the stylized editing and beautifully tormenting score (by Oneohtrix Point Never), but this is a film to be experienced as a whole.