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  • A New Leaf

    A New Leaf


    Need answers from the letterboxd therapist community as to how my ADHD ass could’ve devoured Elaine May’s other three films years ago, hopped on a Chinatown bus to see my first Broadway play for her sake in 2018, and not finished watching this until tonight but. Perfect!! Naturally!!

  • Vice



    Ooo I watched this a few months ago and am just now seeing how much people despised it!

    I can’t believe anyone came out of this thinking Adam McKay intended to humanize Dick Cheney? In this post-Succession economy??

    It’s pretty cut and dry, and the mid-credits scene sucks ass, but I appreciate it for the same reasons critics think Dick Cheney was an absurd choice for a biopic. At the very least, it serves to teach people who tuned in…

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