Kate ★★★★½

Unlike seemingly half the reviews on this website, I don't watch action films to find out if they are derivative or if they conform to my exact worldview; I watch action films for the action. And this one kicks all kinds of ass. It's clear that these neon-drenched modern action flicks in the wake of John Wick are hear to stay, and I for one certainly don't mind if they are as good as this. Inspired heavily by Yakuza flicks and anime as well, you can certainly see the influences, especially things like Ghost in the Shell that brings enough of a unique flavour to make it stand out. But the highlight here is Mary Elizabeth Winstead in the lead, who absolutely puts her all into the role in the physical department and fight choreography, and it shows with how good the fights are. She also works because she isn't afraid to get her ass handed to her in some fights as much as she kicks ass herself, which helps the action knowing she isn't just some superhuman who can beat up just anyone. We've had some stinkers when it comes to action this yeah, but between this and Nobody, my love of bloody kick-ass violence has been burning bright.

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