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This review may contain spoilers.

I appreciated that this film overall had an unbiased approach. It doesn’t necessarily make any one character or type of character the victim or the villain. All parties; rich or poor, adult or teen, catholic or not, are shown with both virtuous and problematic characteristics. I think that makes this movie more human. It recognizes that teen problems are often insignificant and silly, but also understands the gravity that they hold in the moment. It also, more than any other film that I can think of, shows a real family dynamic. Lady Bird’s family genuinely loves each other, but for the most part doesn’t like each other. I also appreciate the ending, leaving problems unresolved and moving forward abruptly. The film did not need to have some dramatic reunion with Lady Bird and her mother in which all of their problems are miraculously solved. The story goes on, and they will resolve their issues... but also there are more to come. That’s life.