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  • Long Shot

    Long Shot


    damn this was a LOT better than i thought it was going to be! i was nervous it was gonna be dumb woke jokes for two hours but it ended up being a really solid romantic comedy centered around a political storyline but didn’t get overly/obnoxiously political. also there’s one sequence in this movie that’s so over the top ridiculous and it works so well cuz it’s hiiiilarious

    also bruh Lil Yachty is in this for a minute i couldn’t…

  • Tenebre




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  • Game Night

    Game Night


    the score, the cinematography, the ensemble cast, the TILT SHIFTS!!!!!

    how the hell was this movie made by the same dudes that made Vacation?!? EASILY the biggest surprise of 2018. this was seriously faaaaaantastic!!

    (also this is the second movie of 2018 to have a Steve Jobs reference, just saying)

    ((also also shouts out to Demi Adejuyigbe for recommending this movie!))

  • Eighth Grade

    Eighth Grade


    first off HUGE shoutout to A24 for organizing the amazing LA premiere at a freaking middle school in the middle of Hollywood! i got to meet so many famous people (including Bo!), eat some goood food, and also got to party like an eighth grader!

    y’all already know my love for this movie but even a second time it still holds up and still remains my #1 of the year. this movie is a triumph, Bo Burnham is still a genius, and EVERYONE PLEASE SEE EIGHTH GRADE IN THEATERS THIS FRIDAY, JULY 13TH, 2018!!!!