All Quiet on the Western Front

All Quiet on the Western Front ★★★

To create a remake of an original classic war film is brave. At first glance I’d say it’s silly even. There’s a plethora of remakes in our world today that never hold up to its original. Sometimes I just think it’s lazy for a creator/artist to make something that isn’t an original idea. But who’s to tell nowadays what’s an original idea anymore? I guess you can try your best at creating something original, but I still question the reasons for making something that follows the exact same story and structure as it’s predecessor. It’s inspiring , sure. But how many times do I have to sit and watch the exact same thing? 

I’m not saying this film is a weaker version compared to its original story. I’m just speaking in general terms. 
I also know there’s a plethora of war films, and that even comes down to what you define as a “war” film. There’s so many. And I have a select few that I think are truly masterpieces. The rest just seem to glorify war and not really show us how evil men become during these times. They boast their guns and seem to tell us that war is pleasant and fun. But the ones that truly disturb us, they have meaning.

So to create a war  film, that’s also a remake, that’s very brave. With todays technology , this film looks brand new and hell yeah it looks great. The old classic, maybe not so much. Thus you can’t help but constantly compare the two. And maybe I should be looking at this film as more of an original piece. I’m not sure.
Maybe none of this matters, but more importantly I think the idea of making a war film has got to be powerful. Otherwise what’s the point, you’re beating me over the head with the exact same material. But then again, isn’t that so much of Hollywoods films? I won’t go off on that tangent.

It’s definitely an entertaining war film. I’m not really given much content that’s brand new. Because like I mentioned earlier that’s almost impossible. But maybe there is something out there in a film about ww1 that we can be shown differently. There’s films like Come and See that are original and brave and follow a totally different structure. But in this film, we’ve all seen the young boys who are excited for war and realize once they get there that it’ll never be a good time. And the things they see, we could never even imagine.

It’s an entertaining film, like most war stories. It’s sad, it’s brutal and it’s real. And I get why people are praising it , maybe they’ve seen most war movies that are truly perfect , or maybe they haven’t. But from my experience I much prefer some other ones. Not to say this isn’t a good movie, just due to lack of originality and not enough of shock for me. But any anti war film gets my praise. And I’m surprised a Netflix film is actually good. 

Sorry for not really “reviewing” , but rather ranting about war films.

But some stars for cinematography for sure ..

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