Hunt for the Wilderpeople

Hunt for the Wilderpeople ★★★★½

Hunt for the Wilderpeople is an absolute delight. One of the most touching stories in cinema so far this year. It's so nice to see a comedy that gets real laughs. It doesn't resort to cheaper thrills that most comedies nowadays seem to use as their foundation( ex. Sausage Party, ugh). A wonderful script is anchored by the best child performance of the year, and the best performance of Sam Neill's Life. Waititi brings a flair to the film that shows his enthusiasm for making something of real quality. It's so nice to see so much care in a film, it really makes a difference.

It's not without its flaws however. This may just be nitpicky on my part, but I did get agitated that the film was rarely afforded the time to breathe. Some moments were simply rushed by too quickly to have full effect. The film is full of genuine laughs, some pathos, some beauty; but many of the moments are never afforded the time to really work. Some good laughs, some very heartbreaking moments, and the single most gorgeous shot are all undercut by hardly lasting at all.

However, there are some terribly creative editting choices that make for a wonderful cinematic experience. A Fun montage when our young hero sees his foster mother skinning rabbits, and best off all, a central sequence that seems to be a single take of the camera spinning and spinning, while intercutting a chase. While not quite as brilliant as Swiss Army Man, this is definitely one of the most fun films of the year. A Must See.

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