Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again ★★★

This is a lot of fun, and while it does have many components superior to the first, I didn't find it as endearing. Lily James is positively magnetic, the correct choice for the enigmatic character of Donna. She has the quality of being the type of beautiful you pas son the street and cant forget even weeks later. Somehow both girl next door, and runway, but doen to earth. She brings a joyousness to the role that carries the film as far as it could go. Robert Yeoman's cinematography is warm and inviting, even the artifice of many shots carries a feel good vibe to it. I have to say I found several performances obnoxious unfortunately. Young Harry the worst of all, he looked so strained and uncomfortable that I got uneasy watching him. I feel like he was trying to go for charmingly befuddled but the reality is that he comes of at best, an anxiety ridden man, and at worst a complete ham. I won't go in to too much more detail about my negative feelings about the film, and no quality was as bad an offender as young Harry.

I don't want to speak bad of this film because, even though its not my style, it is such a postive film. Not a bad intention in sight. The film radiates good will and happiness, and maybe it can get cheesy but its a good remedy for the time we live in. There will always be a place for such unabashed joy in cinema as far as I'm concerned, and in that respect I think this is a beautiful film.

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