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This review may contain spoilers.

Watched on blu-ray.

I don't own the blu-ray, my sister does and she wanted to watch it with me, so you know what that means... New Barbie review coming soon! It also meant re-watching Jojo rabbit, a film that only gets worse the more you see it, I didn't even love it the first time round.

The story is cute, I don't find it emotional or heartbreaking like some do but it's entertaining enough. I enjoy the performances, although none of them are great. As much as I love Thomasin McKenzie I think her line delivery is poor at times and her kiwi accent slips out occasionally. Other than that her performance is pretty great, physically she's got it down. There's a lot of very noticeable greenscreen which took me out of the film, looking out any window is distracting and the emotional moment with Jojo and Elsa watching the war rage from Inge's bedroom doesn't work for me as a result of this. The final scene is cute, but Jojo telling Elsa the German's won the war doesn't make sense she could just come out and check for herself. She didn't have to be in the cupboard as she was posing as Inge at this point and if the German's won or not what was stopping her from coming out of the cupboard to see for herself, she was walking around the house when Germany was under German control in the previous scene. When Rosie runs ash on her face her lipstick stays exactly the same. Until the final act each time a bomb or grenade went off it didn't leave any damage on the surroundings. And finally quite a lot of the jokes fall flat for me, overall I'd still say it's funny though, I batmn'ed.

There are some good things too. I like the cinematography, it feels a bit like a bad Wes Anderson. Elsa and Jojo have a cute relationship and so is captain Klenzendorf's with Freddy Finkel. I like the way propaganda is presented. I really like how the complications and repercussions of war are handled and I love German David Bowie. If only the rest of the music was as good as that song.

Musically, some tracks are interesting. I enjoyed the use of a choir and many simple drums fills, both worked effective individually and in unison. This is thrown to the side after the whimsical childlike dream perception of war is broken, as a substitute we get a cheesy manipulative stock war movie score. We get the emotional strings and piano in minor key. The film insists that this moment is sad and this moment is happy without earning it. There are exceptions to this but it's ten to one.

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