• The Crazies

    The Crazies


    Good quarantine movie

  • Mother



    The ending is a little too tidy. I’m always a little put off by the Albert Brooks persona. Debbie Reynolds is great! Rob Morrow is funny and annoying.

  • Kramer vs. Kramer

    Kramer vs. Kramer


    Men’s rights movie?

  • Mirror



    Childhood during wartime.

  • Funke



    I gotta stop watching these douche docs. Celeb chefs need to be stopped.

  • Stir of Echoes

    Stir of Echoes


    This movie is mostly fun. Completely rips off the shinning in one pointless scene. Ileana Douglas is great in this. She’s basically trolling the movie. She seems to be laughing at the film itself in her scenes. I like bacon but too much bacon can leave you queasy. 
    The climax is extremely clunky.
    At one point Kevin Dunn says “it’s just a dead body that’s not gonna tell us anything”
    The body of the victim is how most murders are solved. But it was 99. 
    Definitely watchable.

  • Nostalgia



    Something about memory and loss and the church. Beautiful to look at.

  • Something Wild

    Something Wild


    Innocence lost in the big city. Can’t escape evil men.

  • Alphaville



    Like James Bond by way of Double Indemnity filmed in a Petri dish under the bright light of a microscope. Stunning black and white.

  • Man of the West

    Man of the West


    Anthony Mann is a master.

  • Grand Prix

    Grand Prix


    A lot of movie.

  • Fantastic Four

    Fantastic Four


    Don’t understand the hatred for this movie. It’s 93 minutes! Finally a short superhero movie. And a fair amount of body horror. Sure pieces seemed missing but I think it makes the movie work better.
    I watch any marvel movie and I’m bored about an hour in and usually there is another hour and a half to go. 
     This movie kinda refreshing.