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  • The Woodsman

    The Woodsman


    After reading the logline I wasn't sure how anybody could handle such a balls-y premise in a cautious yet meaningful way, but lots of smart choices were made here. In light of the subject matter being so undeniably dark and uncomfortable, the film is so good at not telling you what to feel. Focusing on a protagonist who is a convicted pedophile may seem unimaginable, but writer/director Nicole Kassel is so strategically un-manipulative that she leaves room for your sympathy…

  • The Assassin

    The Assassin


    I'm not going to lie, I had no idea what was going on half the time, but it's probably the prettiest film I've ever seen

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  • Skin


    Some snakes have bright colors to scare predators, to say "Hey, I'm venomous," but they're really not.

    I see that Skin has mastered the art of subtlety

  • The Fountain

    The Fountain


    I watched this awhile ago, but at the time I just didn't now how to articulate my thoughts. After talking to more people and studying film more, I feel like I am finally able to explain why this beloved film just did not connect with me at all.

    Whenever I talk to superfans who defend this movie, so often does it turn into a conversation about how "ambitious" The Fountain is and what the movie aspired to do rather than…