Kite ★★★½

Basically as nasty as I expected it to be. Kite is a short 50-minute anime about a quiet college girl hired as an assassin to kill depraved criminals.

The film is animated exploitation trash at its most extreme. Featuring graphic violence and underage sex, the film is tasteless but not wholly without necessity. There is some very minor attempts at socio-critique here aiming to rectify or at least justify some of the on-screen nastiness. It rarely works, but when it does, it hits hard.

Further, many of the sequences are artfully and creatively animated, featuring an explosive jazz-fusion score and some impressive whiplash editing.

It's a weird film and hardly worth your attention, unless trashy anime is your thing.

And, let's be real, when done right, trashy anime can be totally fucking mind-blowing.

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