The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 ★★★★★

Other meta-horror films, even the greats like Scream, Fright Night or The Devil's Rejects (which is now so obviously a pale rip-off/tribute to this one) spend a lot of time making sure you know they're in on the joke. This movie starts with the joke, then spends its run time making you less and less sure you're in on it. Aware of itself as pure kitsch, as total cultural object, it uses that knowledge to hold you in a nihilist vice grip, to confront and hold up the hideous horrific pleasure of the mad dissolution and violence under-girding America.

This movie achieves hilarity in its original sense, as total madness, never before have I been clutching my head in horror and revulsion and suddenly started laughing uncontrollably at a ridiculous one-liner, pure anti-audience hateful nightmare, a total fucking masterpiece.

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