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  • Interstellar



    oversaturating your emotional reality, trying desperately to come to peace with the fallibility of people.

  • Nymphomaniac



    everybody both deserves to be cared for and deserves to understand the conditions upon which that caring exists. tread lightly upon imbalances in the dialectic.

  • Don't Go Breaking My Heart 2

    Don't Go Breaking My Heart 2


    love as appropriated by capital, turned into a calcifying tool of political and social stratification. don't trust your desires. :(

  • Maps to the Stars

    Maps to the Stars


    the hyperreality of living with abuse

  • Uncut Gems

    Uncut Gems


    as the distinction between work and life becomes non-existent in late capitalism, the most important principle becomes increasingly clear: win at all costs.

  • Taboo



    it's all desire, entitlement, and exploitation all the way down.

  • Norte, the End of History

    Norte, the End of History


    without the grounding of historical knowledge or concrete interpersonal obligations, idealism is always doomed to turn into nihilism.

  • Film Socialisme

    Film Socialisme


    "when the law is wrong justice comes before the law"

  • Silence



    the martyrdom inherent to recognizing your own limitations and flaws. how the self-interested arrogance behind religious conviction can both create endless amounts of contempt and suffering while also creating the breeding ground for meaningful communal traditions that give people the strength to persevere.

  • Mood Indigo

    Mood Indigo


    the exhaustive amounts of work and exploitation that go into the palaces and dream worlds we build for each other. it can all disappear at any moment.

  • Pasolini



    staring into the apocalypse and working with what's left to create meaning, not in opposition to your flaws, but in embracement of them.

  • Our Time

    Our Time


    the maxim "love conquers all" taken to its depressing, inevitable conclusions.