Maniac Cop ★★½

Hooptober 5.0 #22:
Note: For the uninitiated, this movie is not a sequel to Maniac (Joe Spinell is no where to be found). I watched these a long time ago and thought they were fun. I remember liking Maniac Cop 2 more, so maybe I should revisit that.
The premise is basically the movie here. It's never really clear whether the titular character is alive or not, but who cares. Tom Atkins puts in a decent performance that the movie really doesn't deserve. Bruce Campbell is ready to make this a comedy at any moment, but it never really goes there (on purpose). Special appearance by Sam Raimi, because duh.
My big question is why the female lead, a police officer working undercover vice (as a prostitute plant) continues to wear her hair (wig) and makeup (way too much even for the 80s?) like she did as a prostitute for the entire rest of the film? Maybe that's mean or demeaning to say, but I thought it was (unintentionally?) hilarious.

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