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This review may contain spoilers.

Jordan Peele's third best film, and its still a pretty good.

Eschewing straight horror with more of scifi angle, Nope has Peele's best visuals, even if they get repetitive in the up-in-the-sky vein.

Whatever Nope's shortcomings, it's not for lack of ambition. Some scenes tend to go on a beat too long, which adds up in sputtering the overall narrative. Some of the humor seems incongruous with what's going on onscreen, but that's easily forgiven considering a good portion of the humor hits.

Peele lets Keke Palmer and Daniel Kaluuya ramble on more than once. Sometimes it hurts. Sometimes it makes for nice character moments.

But there's more than once sequence that makes you glad you're watching this in a movie theater. That spectacle is why we go to the movies.

Tamped down social commentary in favor of some of the best shot sequences of the summer? We'll take it.

Best use of skydancers...ever.

Gordy = MVP.

Even if it's not entirely successful, it's good to see Peele stretch a little.

Fun Fact- Michael Wincott is actually 27 years old. He just looks like that.

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