Suspiria ★★★

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"The extent of Guadagnino’s inversion are about as all encompassing as possible, much to the extent that horror isn’t the first genre you’d associate this new Suspiria with. For much of the film there is a mystery than needs unfolding and that is played off against the process of learning a new dance and the training, as amazing as this sounds, Suspiria in 2018 is more dance than horror. That’s not to say it doesn’t have anything horrific happening, it is set within a witches coven, after all, and the gore is incredibly nasty. The first time anything horrific surfaces is when one of the dancers, Olga (Elena Fokina), is looking to leave, and as Johnson makes all the movements of the dance, Olga receives brutal blows and twists in the same direction and velocity. The contorted mess of a person left on the floor is a body horror nightmare that I never knew I had. Respect has to be given to the prosthetic work. There’s a sequence with Mia Goth too which sees her discover something ancient and otherworldly in the darkness of this old dance company. And the last sequence which goes full of hysterical, the most fitting way I can describe this is to invoke the hysteria of Mexican nunspolitation icon Alucarda only with more monstrous aberrations, tribal incantations, disgusting chest cavities, elder witches, erotic dancing and exploding witches".

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