Upgrade ★★★★

Her, Robocop and John Wick put in a blender - and what you get is something really cool and fun without being too obnoxious in its throwback.

There are so many filmmakers in the low-budget space that are trying desperately hard to make a cult movie, and let's be frank there is nothing more cynical than trying to make a type of movie that appeals to a very specific outsider audience. But they do it, and in their droves too. Weirdly, I think Upgrade does the same thing, it is appealing to that same audience. However, the difference is how genuine Upgrade is in comparison to those movies. Everything here from the production value, effects, world-building, and mythos are all done to the best of the productions crew's abilities. Like they would in the heyday that saw this style of movie made regularly. Unlike those cheapo modern attempts to be a "cult movie", none of those directors ever set out to make bad movies. Those new pretenders are trying hard to be campy, cheap and exploitative, missing out on the soul these films had in the 70s and 80s. Upgrade, even with its issues, is a bit of a fantastic balancing act if you ask me... and a new Ozploitation classic.

The way the action is shot in this film is utterly wonderful, hope they don't ruin it by mining this concept of all that is good with a string of increasingly weak sequels.

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