Us ★★★★½

A story about facing other people’s problems,

facing Our own problems,

the effects trauma can have on Us,

the unfairness of life,

and the many coincidences that add up to make Our lives what they are and make Us who We are.

Now grin and bear it.

For the majority of the film, We felt it was rather original and well-executed, but not quite great. The substance and depth didn’t feel like they were really there. When the film reaches its final act, it finally descends to the depths We hoped for. Combine this escalation with such raw originality, a fantastic score, a very well-used soundtrack, and some great performances and this film is pretty good. We enjoyed the ending and all of the meaning that is continually added to the film up until the credits begin rolling. May the discussions of many various interpretations ensue.

We’ll give this a 9/10 for now because We’re sure Our opinion of it will improve upon rewatch. We will see.

(This really is Our Annihilation of 2019.)

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