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This review may contain spoilers.

Hey, everyone! This isn't saying much, but this is my new favorite film of the year! The 2020 Netflix mystery film Enola Holmes is a quirky adventure that I enjoyed immensely. Some thoughts:

1. I loved both Henry Cavill and Millie Bobby Brown's performance. Both of them did a PHENOMENAL job. Cavill might be my favorite interpretation of Sherlock ever. I still prefer the classic performances (RDJ and Cumberbatch), but "nice Sherlock" is definitely a step up from what we have had in the past. Millie Bobby Brown is a newcomer to cinema and I hope she goes far, because I REALLY liked her.

2. This film is, stylistically, very interesting and quirky. The fourth-wall-breaking was a little excessive, and felt awkward at many times. But I really liked the pictures, fonts, and demonstrative flashbacks.

3. The feminist elements of Enola Holmes were pretty awesome. We've seen women be total bada*ses physically in many films (i.e. Black Widow), but they haven't yet shown many female masterMINDs, which is an absolute shame that Enola Holmes remedies quickly. The scene where Enola beats Sherlock to the punch was amazing, and anyone who thinks differently... you're wrong, sorry. There are better movies for the feminist movement, but I'm rather sure most girls will smile when Enola proves to be just as (if not more) intelligent than her genius older brother.

4. The ending needed to wrap more things up, I had a lot of questions at the end.

5. A GREAT mother-daughter movie as well.

Overall, a really solid movie that gets a low four stars from me. If the ending were to be improved, so would my score. I do recommend Enola Holmes... quirky and charming and great.

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