Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★★½

I need a rewatch to fully confirm this, but I adored Everything Everywhere All At Once. The film is perhaps the most ambitious piece of cinema I've ever encountered, taking something as all-consuming as nihilism and using immaculate visual storytelling to confront and altogether disprove it. It effortlessly convinces you that everything matters via a wacky, hilariously charismatic sci-fi adventure. This thematic ambition isn't something I thought possible, but Everything Everywhere All At Once is so expansive and zany that its anti-nihilistic tendencies come off as objective truth by the time the film is over. It's not something words can paint a convincing portrait of; it is an experience to be had, not described. And after a rewatch, I have no doubt that it will rank among my favorites of all time. If nothing else, it has fucking phenomenal sound design. I really liked this as Letterboxd's #1, though I'm even happier now that it swapped with Parasite.

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