The Brown Bunny ★★

This has been one of the most interesting reactions I have ever had to a film. It is one that has had me puzzled on how I should assess it purely because of the ending. Like how I felt about Marc Forster’s STAY (2005), the ending completely changed my perception of the film and its approach. If it weren’t for the ending, I’d probably give THE BROWN BUNNY close to a half star, or in other terms as bad as Eduardo Saverin. I got to about the forty-minute mark of this film and became extremely close to shutting it off. I just did not know how much more pointless wandering and stretched out dead time I could take of this uninteresting character and seemingly talentless directing. On top of that there was atrocious dialogue and some of the worst cinematography in my opinion. I felt like listing off the amount of shots where it seemed as though the camera was pointing in the wrong direction just in the slightest, almost as if Vincent Gallo turned the camera on himself without anyone behind it to watch. I’d sum it up by saying that most of this film feels like a student who just came out of film school barely with good enough grades to graduate trying to make the most profound film of all time with no money and no crew. However, like I said the very last scene changed a lot of my perception of the film. The conclusion forces you to elicit these powerful feelings of loss and how we deal with depression. All of this is fantastic and makes this film worth sticking through even though I still feel as though everything before could have been crafted to be more compelling to watch. I didn't think Gallo had to make this experience this rough on me, but then again that's life in the NFL.

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