Nope ★★★★½

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I'm beginning to expect Jordan Peele films to just "be good" with no motive as to why that might be expected, apart from the fact that this guy really has molded his own style in the three movies he has made thus far. And honestly, I've liked them all.

In Nope Peele takes, in my opinion, a pretty straightforward approach to this film, sort of like his others. You can watch them all and receive a ton of "surface-level" enjoyment (I say surface-level, though even the story on the surface is very interesting), but you can also choose to look closer and decipher the symbolism and the small nuances of the characters and things begin to get super interesting. You don't even necessarily need to understand these choices completely in order to realize that they do add up in at least creating a funny, yet uncanny atmosphere. This is a testament to Peele's comedy background, as well as the parallels between how building tension in comedy and horror are in fact pretty similar. I think this is why he's so good at making these types of movies - his own type of films.

Daniel Kaluuya is a guy I would watch in just about anything at this point. He's just a great lead in everything I've seen him in, and I think he really understands what Peele is going for especially. Keke Palmer was very good in here as well, and she surprisingly isn't someone I've heard about too often until now. Steven Yeun was great of course, as well as Brandon Perea performing as the main comedic relief role; I also haven't heard much about this guy before, but he was quite funny.

All in all, I was very satisfied with Nope. Both funny and creepy at times, it provides so much engagement and so many things under the surface to look for that really enhance the viewing experience, as well as the "discussion" phase right after you finish a spectacular film. I definitely recommend this.

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