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  • White Rabbit

    White Rabbit


    gets close to the truth, but never attains it. a bit too disjointed i felt.

  • It Felt Like Love

    It Felt Like Love


    what in the world.....
    its p much unwatchable. not sure what it is but something makes it waaaay off. like thinking about it, each separate part deffo feels like young teenaged stuff but as a whole it just doesn't work. esp the performances from two main actresses and the dialogue. but kudos i guess for showing peen, but no female parts!

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  • Long Shot

    Long Shot


    tries its hardest to be relevant but its jokes were funny 10 years ago. it also clearly has a progressive checklist it kept its eye on: “powerful” female character? check. black best friend so that theres no way the main character can be racist? check.

    also at one point someone literally says “go to her” 

    i feel bad for everyone involved in this film and also bad for the audience members who raved about this as we left the theatre. sorry about ur bad taste in cinéma

  • Barbie in the Nutcracker

    Barbie in the Nutcracker


    the barbie films are true high culture