Suspiria ★★★★½

As much as my original viewing of 2018 Suspiria left me confused, drained, but also compelled to rewatch and analyze it, the movie for me mostly didn’t work and left me more mad than anything. 2 years later and 2 rewatches since, I’ve come to appreciate it a LOT more.

Luca takes Argento’s ideas and expands on them in genuine auteur fashion. Setting 2018’s rendition against the backdrop of political restlessness gave this film a feeling of authenticity that unfortunately Argento’s OG did not have. 

The drab and downright bleak cinematography, the nightmare sequences, the DANCES, everything works for me now and I’m happy that it does. Even though I FEEL the 2 and a half hour run time, I’m constantly engaged. 

I’m thankful Luca traded out eye piercing neon drenched landscapes and traded them in for a washed out fever dream. 

Hail Argento and Praise Luca.

“Delusion is a lie that tells a truth...”


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