Captain Marvel ★★★★½

Here’s to Marvel’s first film with a female superhero in the lead! it finally happened and I’m filled with pride!!
This is not the best of the MCU nor second best,it surely has its flaws and the storyline seemed rush & needed to be more in depth about the character’s emotional side and also their past. I don’t know maybe it’s just me but every scene felt incomplete for some reason. I enjoyed very much Carol’s final act when she finally was in full control of her powers and destroyed everyone that came across her. On the other hand,it was still pretty unclear how she gained these powers in the first place there were much more misinterpretations than explanations. Still, i enjoyed it very much and i won’t take it too seriously to even bother care for the plot holes nor the mistakes it’s still is a great,fun,female empowering movie and I’m so happy for its existence. Some of the editing and the cgi were pretty impressive as they are in every MCU film i guess,and i also loved the casting!!
Brie Larson ATE every man alive,and she has nothing to prove to any of them.

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