Carol ★★★★

A beautiful film that captives you more and more while the action is passing.
I think that the second act is real better(it's what make this movie be really somehing!) that the first one(a really bit monotonous at my point).
This film is not just about a lesbian romance, but a movie about the decisions that a person makes in her life and how a decision, emotional or rational, is always imperfect.
When we choose something, we are abdicating of other choice and we have to live with de consequences of our decision.
The important is we understand that nothing is perfect and we have to choose what make us more happy and complete in our life!
Mara reminded me of Audrey Hepburn in the last scene and I know she's not so complete as actress like Blanchett, but she is in a very good way to be a great actress!

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