Your Name.

Your Name. ★★★★½

I know I wrote this in other reviews about japanese animes but everytime I watch a japanese anime I just conclude that these ones are much more complete and intense than other films respected among moviegoers.
As I read in other reviews Makoto Shinkai took on a recurring theme and turned it into something new and engaging but this doesn't surprise me coming from this director who is simply wonderful.
I don't know what to write more cause this director make me feel many feelings and have some troubles in expresse it writing...As much as I wrote I would not be able to be faithful to the flood of feelings I'm feeling now. I was aible to write more about "Garden of Words" but just cause this film reminded me an experience I had.
I can write about the wonderful soundtrack and photography but these are characteristics thet everybody knows about of the films of Makoto Shinkai.
I also can write about the thunderous chemistry between the two main characters but this is another characteristic of this director that makes a difference in animes about romance.

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