• Pôr do Sol

    Pôr do Sol


    F*cking hilarious!
    "Eu não quero ver nem ouvir ninguém...Traga-me só um GameBoy e deixe-me estar."

  • Zola


    Am I the only one who wants to take a shower after watching visceral movies set in Florida?!

  • Bem Bom

    Bem Bom


    It has a fragmented narrative and a message of female empowerment that contrasts starkly with the big shots of female butts all the time...
    The positive aspects are the performances, especially by Lia Carvalho and Bárbara Branco, as well as the costume design.

  • Paradise Lost

    Paradise Lost


    Another nice surprise from the wonderful Brazilian cinema!
    Apart from an inconsistency between the ages of the actors who play the fathers/mothers and the actors who play the sons/daughters there, it is a great production.
    It's plot is very soap opera style (it worked very well!) and I believe that's the goal!
    The soundtrack is very good, highlighting the big hit "You're so vain" adapted to Brazilian standard Portuguese.
    The casting is very strong (I just wish that Marjorie Estiano,…

  • RoboCop



    I know this movie is from my childhood and it's a shame I've only watched it now. But the action genre was never my thing...But it's amazing how the Terminator 2 movie is part of my favorite movies (By the way, my husband always says "Do you like this movie?! This doesn't seem like your style at all! !" And he's right...Somehow Terminator 2 completely won me over. I don't know if it was because I had a crush on…

  • Sounds Like Love

    Sounds Like Love


    I think it's unfair and even stupid how many movies end up being underestimated for being a netflix production and for not being a well-known director.Despite the huge negative reviews I read, I went to watch the movie anyway by Maria Valverde, an actress I love. And I'm glad I watched it!It's not a masterpiece (Nor is it supposed to be! But there are so many movies that aren't and are rated much better than this one even being much…

  • Mama Weed

    Mama Weed


    While waiting for my car to be fixed, I saw this movie in theaters . So I decided to go watch it because of the wonderful Isabelle Huppert and because I hadn't been to a movie theater for 6 years! Yes, six years!!
    I didn't go with the expectation of going to watch a masterpiece but of watching just one film to entertain, and I think this film fulfilled that purpose.
    There's some French humor (which I really like!), some light existential drama and, above all, Isabelle Huppert! I don't think I could ask for more for an 11 am movie session.

  • The Man with the Answers

    The Man with the Answers


    It's a beautiful film that appears to be light but with an implicit dramatic charge that feels like it's going to explode at any moment.I was relieved not to be devastated by the ending because if the director had opted for the explicitly dramatic way I would have cried convulsively.Such a beautiful photograph and what a beautiful chemistry between the main actors!Such sensitivity and subtlety that end up warming our hearts!

  • Rifkin's Festival

    Rifkin's Festival


    I watched this movie last night because I liked most of the cast so much.
    I had some reservations due to the excess of negative reviews I read.
    However, as has happened many times, my perception of the film was exactly the opposite...
    I really consider it one of the best Woody Allen movies I've ever watched.
    It has everything this director knows how to do best in a single film: shots of a beautiful city, marital and existential crises,…

  • The Second Mother

    The Second Mother


    Impossible not to tear a tear right away with the opening scene, being me a mother.
    This film is to disturb, to make us feel contradictory feelings for the different characters depending on the situations, to make our minds restless.
    All the characters are well worked within their particularities, being all of them very irritating for a variety of reasons, with the exception of Val ( but it makes a huge impression on me as a mother, someone being away…

  • 20th Century Women

    20th Century Women


    It's a very beautiful, sensitive and inspiring film!
    From the story, to the presentation of the different characters, to the messages conveyed...
    Contrary to what I've read in some reviews, I don't think anything shows that a man was the director of the film in question, for excusing men and showing women as complicated... In fact, it can even show women as more complex , but I think we know from the start that we women have a more complex,…

  • Apneia



    Marisol Ribeiro's acting is the best thing about this movie.
    I like Marjorie Estiano a lot, but I found her quite bland in this character, being for me the worst of the trio in this film.
    The film has no script. Do not strive to look for it that there is not.
    It has nice photo plans and good audio.
    It's good at technical details but uncertain in direction and, there it is, unscripted.
    Despite all the flaws, for some…