• After Hours

    After Hours


    It' cause to say:
    "Stay at f**king home!"

  • Racer and the Jailbird

    Racer and the Jailbird


    First act - It didn't involve me much, I felt almost devoid of emotions. I was watching more just for watching. I was not feeling the chemistry of the couple, having found it even forced.
    Second act - Finally the film was going in the right direction and I was starting to get involved with the film and the chemistry of the actors, although there I noticed an unhealthy dependence of Bibi in relation to Gigi.
    Third act - That's…

  • The Do-Over

    The Do-Over


    Ok, it's not a masterpiece but it is also not the sh*t that most users say in their reviews.
    It has some hilarious moments, others sadistic and still tries to get a message across.
    I don't see what's wrong with that.
    I also liked to see Adam Sandler in a different style from the usual comedies.
    Less hypes, folks! Whether negative or positive! Learn to appreciate movies for yourself.

  • Murder Mystery

    Murder Mystery


    I watched this movie last night with my husband and a couple friend. I was really without faith in the film and I even complained about the choice but it surprised me positively.
    It's not just a silly forced comedy. It has genuine moments that provoke laughter and still has the crime component in a light way but without falling into the shallows.
    It works to entertain.

  • Lost Girls & Love Hotels

    Lost Girls & Love Hotels


    Lost in translation meets Looking for Mr. Goodbar and I didn't think the result would be as bad as many reviews mention.
    It is not a masterpiece but it has competent cinematography and performances.
    I think the script also mirrors all the chaos the main character was in.
    Often films have hype and others are simply hated. This was unlucky to be the second case.
    I think the comparison with Fifty Shades is out of place. I think it is obvious that the main character's taste for being submissive in sex was related to the self-destruction in which she found herself.

  • Everybody Knows

    Everybody Knows


    I watched it on Friday and I was thinking about it before I wrote anything, because my favorite actor - the incredible Javier Bardem!
    Well, contrary to what a lot of people wrote, I didn't think the film was at all slow. I found the film very engaging and did not even notice the 2h13m to pass.
    Bardem's performance is wonderful as always! It goes without saying that he outshines any actor whenever he is on the scene. It even…

  • The Hater

    The Hater


    It's watchable.
    The performance of the main actor is very good.
    I also liked Poland's social approach.
    I only bothered a few edges that should have been better polished ... They put too many coups on the part of the protagonist to then justify them all properly.

  • Friendly Beast

    Friendly Beast


    The first 45 minutes are very promising but then the film ends up taking a not so interesting turn. I'm not saying it's bad, but it could have been better, no doubt.
    The performances are generally competent, especially Luciana Paes and Irandhir Santos. Incidentally, Irandhir Santos doesn't even need a lot of screen time to shine ...
    Finally, I have to mention that the low sound of the dialogues also impaired my experience because I did not always understand what…

  • The Invisible Man

    The Invisible Man


    Strong points:
    - The tension that the film goes through.
    - Elizabeth Moss's performance.
    - Good approach to the behavior of a victim of an abusive relationship.

    Not that good:
    - There are holes in the script that take away the potential of the film.

    In short, a film with good psychological terror but that should have had a better script.

  • I'm Thinking of Ending Things

    I'm Thinking of Ending Things


    I watched it at dawn from Friday to Saturday and only now, at dawn from Sunday to Monday, did I feel able to comment.
    I will not say that it is a film that is pleasant to watch.
    The film is tiring in many parts, as it has a lot to assimilate and it is difficult to absorb everything during its viewing without having your head literally throbbing (from the too elaborate dialogues between the "couple" of lovers to all…

  • On a Magical Night

    On a Magical Night


    "Baby, I love you, come, come
    Come into my arms
    Let me know the wonder of all of you
    And, baby, I want you, now, now
    Now and hold on fast
    Could this be the magic at last?"

    Chiara Mastroianni is amazing playing Maria. She is a proof of beauty, charisma and charm.
    The film is very symbolic and still leaves us free interpretations through the looks of the characters, especially that final look of Maria's character.
    I'm still thinking…

  • Blood of My Blood

    Blood of My Blood


    Desculpem mas vou escrever esta review em português <3!
    Muito orgulho deste filme ser português!!
    Por onde começo?!
    - Pela realização sublime?!
    - Pelas performances espectaculares de entrega total dos actores?!
    - Pelos diálogos muitíssimo realistas e maravilhosamente cruzados, tal e qual como se estivéssemos a ouvi-los na casa dos personagens e não soubéssemos qual das conversas escutar?!
    - Pelos barulhos de fundo muitíssimo bem colocados, tal como acontece em tantas casas vizinhas disfuncionais, não só de bairros sociais mas…