Punch-Drunk Love

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This review may contain spoilers.

Can't imagine why PTAnderson thought of Adam Sandler for this role. Absolutely no clue at all. Meanwhile, wasn't that scene where he yelled at his sister over the phone awesome? And didn't that bathroom just have it coming? Not to mention that freak group of blond thugs... not your typical group of blond thugs.

The more I think about it, the more I could probably chip away at this, but, it's a comedy. I see the value in inflicting "gang" warfare on Sandler. For laughs. Watching him run "in terror" was pretty amusing. Don't expect any of the relationships to make any sense. But, somehow, it did make sense when he started "taking back control" of his life from... other people. I guess then you have to relate to him being such a sap. Or a lonely guy. That part might need a little elaboration.

This is an interesting movie. It really is. I found Sandler charming and everything he was dealing with kind of works if you read it a certain way. Not as people running him over because they're harsh but that The Noise Made by People (good album, check it out) really adds up, becomes a kind of stress, and makes life needlessly hectic. Otherwise, we have no idea why he behaved the way he did or what made him so angry / out of control.

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