The Lair of the White Worm

The Lair of the White Worm ★★★★½

Horror of 1988 / Horror of the 80's

#2 in my My Bloody February monthly horror marathon.

One of my followers has this to say about the movie and I think it's probably a perfect representation of the folks who aren't getting into this much unsung and overlooked near-masterpiece (which is currently on U.S. Netflix: Watch Instant- see it immediately if you haven't yet). He says the dialogue is a problem. Well, I say that's a big lie. Every last second of this dialogue is infused with dynamic energy, slithery tension, and cool, clammily airy wit. Which is a fantastic combination for a film that wants to get as funky as this does with a touchy subject: sex and religion. Moreover, how we can't seem to separate the two as a species. Hence why, while I wish more people had fewer reservations about this movie (it's so freaking beautifully European in its mid-80's atmospherics- I'll never know why the hell Spellcaster bothered after this), I actually kind of appreciate the naysayers. I think I can get away with saying it touches a nerve. (Can you honestly say it doesn't? This may be trying to dilute its nastiness with sly style - Donahue's amazing sunglasses - and impish humor but a few pretty grotesque moments in the past-visionary montage of temple sacrifices do seep through.)

To borrow a phrase from the film itself: if this isn't your cup of tea, you're daft.

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