Aziz Ansari: Right Now

“You can’t judge everything by 2019 standards” for 65mins. Like, ok, thanks Aziz? Finding the most evident pitfalls of white liberalism as a distraction to avoid talking about the nuanaces of what caused you to step out of the limelight seems like a real smug move,  well played. Not to be like “DOA”—but feel as though this was real opportunity to phase out some grey spaces  in our discourse and what we get is a bunch of shock “this is how it is now” comedy not dissimilar to that of Joe Rogan. Real half step forward, three steps backwards sorta deal .

Unpopular opinion: maybe we should all learn when to hang it up? No need to be relevant all the time, maybe your time is up, who knows.

Also, hi Spike! What’s up? You bored or something? Let’s hang out!

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