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  • The Mark of Zorro
  • The Black Pirate
  • The Prisoner of Zenda
  • The Exile

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  • The Black Pirate

  • The Fighting O'Flynn

  • Cane Toads: An Unnatural History

  • The Lost One

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  • The Black Pirate

    The Black Pirate

    Being an account of BUCCANEERS & the SPANISH MAIN, the Jolly Roger, GOLDEN GALLEONS, bleached skulls, BURIED TREASURE, the Plank, dirks and cutlasses, SCUTTLED SHIPS, Marooning, DESPERATE DEEDS, DESPERATE MEN, and - even on this dark soil - ROMANCE.

    When you want a pirate movie, you want all the trimmings. 🏴‍☠️🪙💀⚔️

    I can't always recall my introduction to a particular actor, but I remember my first glimpse of Doug, Sr. - in all his chest-tastic, two-strip Technicolor glory - vividly. The…

  • The Fighting O'Flynn

    The Fighting O'Flynn

    -"So you’re a poet?"
    -"Now, was there ever an Irishman since O'Adam who couldn't make rhymes for a pretty girl?"

    I'm in no way responsible for this film, yet I still feel the need to extend an apology to the nation of Ireland.

    The agents of that short-statured general I've been reading so much about lately are up to mischief on the Emerald Isle just as peripatetic soldier of fortune "The O'Flynn" (Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., and - yes - that’s…

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  • Jewel Robbery

    Jewel Robbery


    "Show me your jewels, will you?"

    When you hear "pre-Code" and "Warner Bros.", several things may spring to mind: gritty rise-and-fall tales of short-statured hoodlums, socially conscious Depression-era gut punches, Busby Berkeley doing his maniacal kaleidoscopic chorine schtick, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. - with or without mustache - tousling his tresses (okay, that one is possibly just a me-thing).

    But leave it to William Dieterle and Co. to prove that the studio could also give Paramount a run for its money…

  • Hell Drivers

    Hell Drivers

    -"Don't ease up."
    -"Supposing we meet something?"
    -"Supposing we don't? Look on the bright side."

    This trucking-class drama from director Cy Endfield (who'd relocated to the UK in 1951 after refusing to name names before HUAC) is technically solid, generally well-acted, has a properly gritty (or, more aptly, gravelly) feel, and features the novelty bonus of an incidental, foosball-playing Sean Connery in just his second credited film appearance. But for the love of (insert whatever you hold sacred here), it's…