• Fair Play

    Fair Play


    Not erotic, but certainly thrilling. Dynevor is dynamite, and Ehrenreich is a shrieking, sulking, glowering terror (in the best way possible.) This is either a tad underwhelming or so thorny and resistant to simplistic narrative flattening that such an initial feeling of disappointment pales in comparison to how well the film may grow like a seed planted and flourishing into a flower. We’ll see! (But it’s always fun to watch something that knows how to execute aggrieved yelling as good acting.)

  • Haze



    Thinking about Jake Cole’s damning review of Blonde that (rightfully) says, “Some men want so badly to ‘save’ a woman that they'll break her kneecap just to force her to be carried.”

  • An Easy Girl

    An Easy Girl


    A film this insightful and impartial about money, class, freedom, power, sex, and sexual politics made with the lightest touch and radiating a warmth one can feel in their very bones is further living, breathing, cinematic proof of Zlotowski’s undeniable talent, limitless empathy, and wonderful imagination.

  • Planetarium



    “We are all the ghosts of tomorrow.” 

    Communion with those who don’t know they’re already dead.

  • Grand Central

    Grand Central


    Like all of Zlotowski‘s consistently heartbreaking and beautiful art: unassuming, underrated, and (sadly) underseen. (Although I suppose that last part is a blessing in disguise, if only for the fact that we don’t have to read ‘Silkwood if it fucked’ as a top review from some horrible guy with a podcast for this.)

  • Other People's Children

    Other People's Children


    The exquisite pain of exclusion has rarely been more deeply felt or sharply perceived. This is a film made with such tender artistry and quiet power that it's like having a hand squeezing your heart for nearly an hour and a half, yet so delicate that if you even tried to hold it, it'd shatter or disintegrate into a million tiny pieces. Such rich texture, such life! So intimate that it made my breath hitch, so heartbreaking that it made me cry.

  • Belle épine

    Belle épine


    Concise, propulsive, and wonderfully cinematic. Seydoux is one of our very best.

  • Saint Omer

    Saint Omer


    If this doesn’t move you, you’re braindead or soulless.

  • Women Talking

    Women Talking


    Beyond annoying and disheartening to watch a great movie about the wide-reaching malevolence of assault, domestic violence, and misogyny only to see it has a production credit from an alleged abuser who’s more than likely guilty of the very crimes said film is condemning with a blistering passion. Such is the delusional evil of Hollywood and those eager to abuse its channels of unchecked power, especially men who’ve convinced themselves they’re One of The Good Ones.

  • Bodies Bodies Bodies

    Bodies Bodies Bodies


    Cartoonish and cutthroat. Still hilarious that the film’s central point was immediately proven by a braindead and grotesquely privileged critic who would be right at home among these vapid, venomous narcissists. God bless.

  • Coma




  • House of Tolerance

    House of Tolerance


    Beautiful and violent poetry that goes for the throat and maintains its iron grip for two hours straight. Strikingly authentic for something so dreamy and surreal, full of light and humor for such suffocating darkness. I'm convinced that no words in any language can fully articulate or capture the power and strength of these images.