The House of the Laughing Windows ★★★★★

thank you to to Tony the Terror😼for recommending me this masterpiece!!!

this isn't a typical giallo, whenever someone dies, the next death is spaced out hella long after the previous death and there aren't too many. however, almost all of the deaths are brutal af and use a fair amount of blood! this film is mostly atmosphere and buildup throughout its entirety, but the deaths are well done and the ending at the end is crazy! you know who the killer is because it kind of says the whole time, but the actual reveal is crazy af, god damn that ending was twisted and great! also that opening was gruesome and some other events like that happen later on! if you love slow burn films, is highly recommend this to you, it isn't boring at all tho even if you don't like slow films!

the killers are the sisters, no shit, but the reveal of who the two sisters are holy fuckkkckckcck!!!
the priest and the paraplegic lady!
i loved at the end how no one was helping him and he goes to the priest and i was like "ok so he's gucci" nope he is a she! it didn't shock me that the paraplegic lady was one of the sisters, cuz you know it's the two sisters but damn i was not expecting it to be the priest at all! i was kind of triggered when it wasn't showing the 2nd sister's face when they were chasing him, but damn i'm glad they didn't, that reveal swayed my opinion from a 4.5 to a 5!!!
solid giallo!!

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