Daniel Staud

The cinema is my church, and I probably rate more 5 stars then I should.

Favourites are 3 constant and 1 (no.4) on rotation every week.

Favorite films

  • Inglourious Basterds
  • Hard Boiled
  • American Psycho
  • Lost in Translation

Recent activity

  • Cliffhanger


  • Shakedown


  • Teen Wolf


  • Django


Recent reviews

  • Cliffhanger



    Suddenly this film turned 30 and I was drooling at watching it in glorious 4k.

    This film still rocks.

  • Shakedown



    A super uneven drama action buddy cop film. It goes from 1-120 so fast, it has some really groovy action scenes, the bike and plane scene.

    The way it goes up to 120 is so bugnuts crazy, it pulls the most bizarre action scenes out of its sleeve and you are left wondering if it is part of the same film or what is going on.

    Recommended watch.

Popular reviews

  • Prey



    This film hits hard, it proves that a franchise doesn’t necessarily need the star of the OG.

    There are so many moments in this film that are jawdropping cool. Midthunder is spectacular. I roar for this film!

  • Candyman



    This is fucking incredible. I was hooked, I mean the beees thee beees. Oh sweet molasses. The build up in this film is close to perfection. Tiny miracles.