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  • Blue Velvet

    Blue Velvet


    "It's a strange world isn't it?"

    Took 🐭Mouse🖱️ to the Mission Tiki Drive-In for the Beyondfest David Lynch triple feature. Incredibly fun, the energy was thick with excitement like television static in the air. In all my drive-in experiences pre-covid and current I've never had people honking and flashing their lights cheering for a film, its talent, or its director like cinephiles in darkened theaters. It felt so good to be around film fans again. Watching the screen flash…

  • Tenet



    🐁Mouse🖱️, Sheri, and I drove an hour for a theater that was open. www.instagram.com/p/CF5vGz0lhB5/?igshid=xc24kc2l2rq9 #MyLifeInTicketStubs AMC DINE-IN Fullerton 20. Thank you for being open you make me miss movie theaters so much, I found myself taking pictures of the curtains and lights. My bandana wasn't allowed as a mask, which I thought was weird because as a dine-in there were people in the theater eating without masks on, but they offered me a paper mask free as a substitute so…

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  • Rob Cantor: Shia LaBeouf Live

    Rob Cantor: Shia LaBeouf Live


    Feeding the beast
    How to take a joke with actual cannibal Shia LeBeouf

    I can't not get into this every time it plays around me. I love this so much.

  • Liquid Sky

    Liquid Sky


    Aliens seek opiates while mastering the Kundalini with the help of a model seeking freedom through power and a sense of being desired. In a world where Andy Warhol and Tim Burton argue over fashion sense while Danny Elfman and the Slow Poisoner sway to the tunes behind them. What else is there to do? Let's go dancing.