The Double Life of Véronique

The Double Life of Véronique ★★★★½

I held myself from logging this on the specific date because I wanted to see whether this grows on me.

It did!

Not only did it grow, but it also made me ponder, reflect, contemplate on my existence and the web of those million interconnected links which has no explanation to offer. Is our life merely a navigating course of chance, where we stumble and trip on the various incidence and co-incidences? Or is it a clearly laid out one where fate meets moment at the right time?

Kieslowski asks these questions not as a teacher or an objective authority but rather as someone who's been through them knowing what it means to live through that pain, that sensation that dulls all other outwardly senses. It is not so much to understand these, as it is to feel like Veronique did all her life. But it's also a question of chanceful encounter as Weronika had known, and she laid herself in front of the tracks to save her spiritual twin.

Kieslowski's film is brimmed with hope and provides that sense of comfort- a fuzzy blanket to wrap around and keep us warmest during the closest of nights to let us know that when we wake up, the sun will shine the brightest on the farthest corner of sky!

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