Lamb ★★★★½

Lamb is masterfully crafted, sublime, cinematic art. Period. Full stop.

I've let this film marinate overnight, & that's still all I can succinctly say about its style & technique. Surprisingly, it's been much easier to digest my thoughts on & experience with the story.

Like many a classic fairy tale, Lamb employs preternatural elements to describe a common conflict, & ultimately send an unsettling, irrefutable warning. When we mistake our desires for necessity, as sine qua non for survival, the end will always justify the means. & When the means become irrelevant, natural law is redefined. This overarching, foreboding message is manifested in varying veins throughout the story, & is approached from multiple angles. It's accessible & it's evident that this tale is intended to reach the collective "us" in one way or another, despite individual positioning on any spectrum of thought. It's also somehow strikingly personal - & I doubt that many viewers who aren't afraid to look at themselves will disagree with this juxtaposition.

Without spoiling anything, I noticed that the conclusion of this film elicited 'wtf' hand gestures from a couple of people in the audience. I presume they were unsatisfied with the film's answer(s) to their question(s). Interestingly enough, about an hour into [my immense enjoyment of] the film, the thought ran through my mind - 100% unprovoked, btw - that disappointment likely awaits anyone who spends the runtime spinning their wheels, plotting the journey, predicting the destination, etc. You know, 'WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?'-ing instead of observing.

This isn't fkn Tenet 🤣

...& doing this ruined that movie for you too, I bet, dinnit? Jkjk that likely doesn't apply to anyone still reading this.

So rather than suggest, I'll simply remind future audiences to go into this experience at max-level sponge-mode. Let it soak in. Let it expand to fit your form.

Then come back here & tell me all about it.


PS: 1 of my cats - whom I adopted 2yrs ago, btw - is still essentially nameless. I call her mijita & other endearing nicknames, of course, but no formal name has ever clicked...bc she's just really fkn weird. She's also the sweetest, most loving cat I've ever homed. Sheeeeee might be an Ada. We'll see if it sticks.

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