Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★★★

Words fail me. The first of I'm sure to be many viewings. Good Friday evening, a small Hoyts cinema, the first time out with my cinema friend since I got Covid. Packed, not a single seat free. And we were blown away, by the heart, the laughs, the intelligence. All of it combining to tell one woman's story.

Every joke has it's own little arc, what initially seems throw away becomes movie-shifting, giving the feel as though it's ten movies in one. But each has it's own stakes and emotional throughline, because ultimately they connect back to the main narrative thread. It looks so simple as you watch it but it's so complicated and clever. But it's not in love with its cleverness. It just is and it's awe-inspiring. Might be one of my favourite cinema experiences in an extremely long time. Cannot wait to rewatch this as soon as possible.

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