Nomadland ★★★★

Haunting, emotionally true and resonantly angry at the state of American Capitalism. But also suggests Amazon is a lovely workplace and the saviour of a certain class of citizen? Those scenes really bug me and take away from the rest of what Zhao is doing. McDormand is great, every wrinkled line filled with pain and grace. But it's the real people around her that linger in the mind. Swankie ripped my heart apart. The scene of her describing the swallows surrounding her could easily be hokey but my god that's devastating and beautiful.

Highly enjoyed watching this with my film club mainly because of a very fruitful discussion about economic inequality afterwards. I also convinced myself that I'd offended the woman who runs the club by talking crap about landlords. One thing I'd missed about the pandemic: lively discussions about movies. One thing I hadn't: social anxiety telling me that I've hurt my friends, despite evidence to the contrary...

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